Go the *bleep* to sleep (or why you need to find humor in the chaos of parenting)

Most people have heard of this book.  Hell, it’s a bestseller and held Amazon’s #1 sales spot. Go the Fuck to Sleep is now hitting some controversy.

Seriously, folks? Do you have nothing better to complain about in this world than a silly book for parents? Now, granted, I have a bit of a soft spot for books like this.  I love books.  I love humor.  I love hearing certain deep-voiced men say the word fuck.  (It was read by Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.)  I love knowing that there are other parents out there who go through the same torture at bedtime when the Mr. McStallsALot comes down that one more time to say, “But, but, but…. I just wanted to tell you I love you.”

I love my kids.  Anyone who desires to own a book like this does, too.  No, it is NOT a children’s book, and anyone who would think this is an appropriate bedtime story needs to freaking try raising a child for a bit.  Why would you ever give a kid more ideas on how to stall?

Owning this book does not make you a child abuser any more than owning a light saber makes you a Jedi.  Sorry to both my husband and my children on that front.


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