Poly Parents

I am poly and I am a parent. It is a scary tightrope to walk at times, but there are plenty of other moments when I am sure that I am offering up a unique, but very worthwhile family for my children.

Knowing that my two boys have a wider support network than they would otherwise (given lack of blood relatives in the area) helps to solidify my choice to introduce and embrace other romantic partners in the lives of my domestic household. Seeing them build legos with my boyfriend, play animal rummy with my husband’s girlfriend, ask who is coming over that night – each and every night, and getting, “ahhh, why not?” when we tell them no one is coming over that evening…. It helps to prepare me for the day when they may question more greatly why I live the life I do.

To my sons:
I am happy having so many people love you. I get joy from seeing you play and laugh with the other adults in my life… knowing you have more people to care for you and love you than you would without my choices to live on one of the edges of accepted relationship structures.

Each family is different. Some kids have one parent, some are raised by grandparents, some are gifted knowing they are chosen by their parents. Your family is different, too… but I can promise, you’ll always be loved.


About SoManyHandles

30-something female, intent on living life.
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