… life’s too short to be bored

I’ve been on a whirlwind recently.  Tornadoes have quite literally plopped themselves down in the midst of my life(no personal damage was withstood, but neighbors did not fare so well).

And in terms of the arts scene, I’ve been going full force, too… with all sorts of fun people.

But, I did miss my kids.

1 – Dinner at Montgomery BBQ, followed by Greenacres Under the Stars (with a Cincincinnati Symphony Quintet playing and an art show.)

2 – Yellow Springs Street Festival – with my boyfriend and my local metamour (highlight: we paid a dollar to chew a piece of gum and put it on a wall); followed by a stop at the Rockin’ Green Tomato Festival; followed by Bridesmaids with hubby, local metamour, boyfriend, and two other friends.

3 – A Sunday brunch munch with a bunch of kinksters.

4 – A viewing of a property, to see if boyfriend wants to make a go of a new business plan, followed by sushi with a group of friends.

5 – A viewing of Neil Patrick Harris in Sondheim’s “Company” (a Broadway performance taped and played in a local theater) with the poly clan.

6 – Downtown Cincinnati and a stay at the Cincinnatian – with my husband and the long-distance metamour (including a carriage ride highlighting historical elements of Cincinnati and a kick-ass dinner at Napa).

6a – (Return of the kids to the house)*

7 – Rigoletto at the Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall.  This was a fantastic show – both for the performers and some people watching.  I need to learn to suck it up and ask those two women and a man if they’re a triad.  ‘Cause there were cute!

8 – D & D followed by a showing of Green Lantern.  Perhaps it was that our theater’s sound was hellishly loud, but kids didn’t do as well with this one as I thought they would have

*Now I can't get 'Return of the Mack' out of my head.

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30-something female, intent on living life.
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